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Vennimala, a beautiful place which was a forest in ancient times, is located in the Puthuppalli village in Kottayam district, Kerala.It’s a hill and is located 15km from Kottayam town. The place was called as ‘vijayadri’ in Sanskrit which means ‘hill of victory’ and in Malayalam it’s called as Vennimala.The historic story about the Vennimala is about the visit of Lord Rama and Lakshmana to the hill side and Lakshmana killed many demons that were a threat and nuisance to the sages over there. Thus this place is known as ’vijayadri’ in Sanskrit.
Tribal communities especially Malayarayars inhabited Vennimala. CheramanPerumal, the emperor of ancient Kerala built a temple dedicated to Lord Rama and Lakshmana over there and that still stands there. In earlier days, the hill had more than sixty ponds scattered throughout the forest. Now it’s up to twelve ponds are there. Even though there are around eighty households on the hillside, in the hilltop there is no commercial establishment. You can enjoy the beauty of the nature at Vennimala hills.



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Latitude: 9.5915668

Longitude: 76.5221531

The current time and date:12:25 am Wednesday, Oct 18 2017

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