Palakkad Fort

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Palakkad Fort also known as Tipu's Fort is an ancient fort built by Haiderin 1766 AD, situated in the heart of Palakkad district. There is a large ground between the Fort and the Palakkad Town hall, known as Kota Maidanam (Fort Grounds). The groundis now used to stage cricket matches, exhibitions and public meetingswhich had once served as a stable for the elephants and horses of Tipu's army.The fort was built to facilitate communication between both sides of the Western Ghats, (Coimbatore and the West Coast). Tipu waged a series of wars against the British colonial rule.Tipu Sultan lost his life in 1799 in an encounter with the British and the fort later came to be known in his name.
An open air auditorium called "Rappadi”, is also located within the spacious grounds of the Fort. Additionally, there is a children's park on one side of the Fort and the Palakkad Special Sub Jail is also located within the fort.



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Latitude: 10.7867303

Longitude: 76.6547932

The current time and date:07:31 am Tuesday, Oct 17 2017

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