Ambalavayal Heritage Museum

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Wayanad Heritage Museum which is additionally alluded as Ambalavayal Heritage Museum is situated in Wayanad. This archeological storehouse houses a rich accumulation of antiquities which remained in affirmation of the way that there had been a progressed civilisation which existed in the mountains of Wayanad. Shows in the gallery incorporate numerous stone weapons, stone carvings, fourteenth to sixteenth century models, ceramics of Megalithic Age, chasing gears, earth figures and other fascinating antiquities. Symbols made of hard and delicate rocks, which were accepted to be revered by the antiquated individuals also might be seen in the display center.

This historical center has extraordinary type of expressions from Neolithic ages and sixteenth century showed in the show case. This historical center has four squares. The four pieces of the exhibition hall are named as Gothrasmruthi, Veerasmruthi, Devasmruthi and Jeevanasmruthi.Veerasmruthi, the first sector displays different types of pictorial rock edicts known as Veerakkallu or Hero Stones ‘veerakkallu’ or hero stones which show tiger hunts and primitive wars.  These Veerakkallu were erected on the tombs of warriors to connote their heroic deeds.

Gothrasmruthi square incorporates different articles connected with tribal life in Wayanad. Tribal ancient rarities like gems, chasing and angling weapons,headgear, cowbells, cultivating executes and musical instruments are on presentation here. The presentation incorporates fish gathering packs, furrows and dairy animals chimes which are used by nearby tribesmen.The antiquities displayed in the Devasmruthi piece pull in a ton of researchers and people intrigued by archaic exploration. Devasmruthi has insightful relics fitting in with the Neolithic age and 17 A.d. Terracotta dolls from Kuppakolly close Edakkal hole are shown in this square. Twenty stone symbols from twelfth and sixteenth century have been shown in this piece.Jeevanasmruthi, the last sector shows an assortment of chasing traps, ear decorations, bangles, and neckbands utilized by tribesmen. Different presentations incorporate a written work stone and Neolithic Celt.

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Latitude: 11.6853575

Longitude: 76.1319953

The current time and date:12:23 am Wednesday, Oct 18 2017

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