Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple

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Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is one of the famous temple in Ambalappuzha,in Alapuzha Kerala. The Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple have been constructed throughout fifteenth – seventeenth AD by the neighborhood ruler Chembakasserry PooradamThirunal-Devanarayanan Thampuran. The idol  at Ambalapuzha is compared to Parthasarthi with a whip in the right hand and a Shankhu (consecrated conch) in the left. This temple is specifically partnered to the Guruvayoor  Sree Krishna Temple. Throughout the attacks of  Tipu Sultan in 1789, the idol of Sri Krishna from the Guruvayoor Temple was brought to the Ambalappuzha Temple for safe keeping.
 Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple is well known all over India for the Palpayasam, a day by day offering of delectably sweet drain porridge. The payasam served in the Ambalappuzha Temple is acclaimed around Hindus. This sweet pudding made of rice and milk has an intriguing fanciful legend behind it. It is accepted that Guruvayoorappan arrives at here day by day at the time of Palpayasa Nedyam to have it.
The Amabalapuzha Temple Festival was built throughout the fifteenth century A.D.  At this point, a piece of the Travancore, was governed by the Chembakassery Devanarayana Dynasty. The leaders of this tradition were profoundly religious and chose that an icon of Lord Krishna was to be brought to the Amabalapuzha Sree Krishna Swamy Temple from the Karinkulam temple.
The Aaraattu celebration starts with the banner raising function on the Atham star in Meenam (March-April). The critical Aaraattu celebration happens on the Thiruvonam day of the same this temple "Pallipana" is performed by "Velans" (magicians) once in twelve years.



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