Achankovil temple

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One of the main temples of Lord Ayyappa, it is accepted that the icon of Achankovil temple is blessed by Lord Parasurama himself. This temple is situated in  Kollam district, is like the popular hallowed place at Sabarimala. The Manalar falls and the Kumbuvurutty falls, which additionally has a Nature Interaction Center, are end route to this temple.
Infront of the temple we can see Achancovil river.  Achankovil is an important Hindu pilgrim centre and the famous Sastha temple here is situated amidst thick forest. It is one among the sastha temples in Kerala. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Ayyappa
Achencovil temple is almost above 950 mtrs height from the sea level. The festivals and rituals held here have strong Tamil roots.. The left hand of the idol always holds ‘Chandan’ (sandalwood paste) and Thirtha (holy water). The Chandan and Thirtha are considered to have medicinal value  to cure snake bites. Here Lord Ayyappa is in the form of “Grihasthasrami”.Lord is sitting along with his two wifes  ‘Poorna’ and ‘Pushkkala’.The temple is surrounded by a big wall,it is meant to prevent wild animals entering inside the temple.

Main Festivals :

‘Mandala Pooja’ held during the month of December – January and ‘Revathi’ festival during January-February. Therotam (chariot festival) and the Pushpabhishekam are the two special features of this festival.




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Latitude: 8.8932118

Longitude: 76.6141396

The current time and date:03:22 pm Friday, Sep 22 2017

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