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Vypin or Vypeen is one of a gathering of islands that frame some portion of the city of Kochi. Vypin Island is home to the well known Cherai Beach, considered the Queen of the Arabian Sea. Till the approach of the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, the island was occupied by a little indigenous angling group. The Portuguese presented Catholic confidence in the range. They set up many places of worship including the renowned Church of Our Lady of Hope. The island is associated with territory Kochi or Ernakulam by a progression of scaffolds called Goshree Bridges. Today, Vypin is a prospering island and one of Kochi's quickest developing rural areas.As per late research, the Portuguese heritage is as yet unmistakable in the vernacular of a couple of Anglo-Indians in Vypeen. They utilize the most punctual types of Creole.

Pallipuram Fort was worked by the Portuguese in 1503 and is the most established existing European stronghold in India. The Dutch caught the fortress in 1661 and sold it to the State of Travancore in 1789. Its unquestionably not a swarmed traveler goal. However Vypin has many spots where you can cheerfully spend your excursion. There is Puthuvype shoreline and beacon found near it which are lovely places for a one day trip. Kuzhupilly shoreline is the most wonderful shoreline in this island and its the prime goal for all post wedding shoot for every single wedded couple in vypin island as a result of its huge magnificence and grand view. Ofcourse Cherai shoreline is not a remark out. At matsyafed you can spend an entire day angling and sailing. There are many houses of worship in and around which are of authentic significance.

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Latitude: 9.9312328

Longitude: 76.2673041

Total Area:

The current time and date:date 11:57 AM on Monday, March 10, 2014

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