Vaikom Mahadeva Temple

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The Vaikom Mahadeva temple is one of only a handful couple of temples which is held in adoration by both Shaivaites and the Vaishnavaites. Vaikom's Shiva is affectionately called Vaikkathappan. Conviction is that the Siva Linga put by Khara Asura by his correct hand is being loved at Vaikom, the one in left hand at Ettumannoor and the one by neck at Kaduthuruthy even right up 'til the present time.

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is arranged in a place where there is eight sections of land. The internal temple has two chambers. To go into one needs to cross all the six stages through the primary passageway in the eastern side. It is trusted that, the person who conquers each one of those can just observe Lord Vaikathappan.

Vaikathappan's celebration is in the long stretch of Vruschikam which may fall as Nov-Dec as per the english logbook. The twelve day long celebration makes the residential area of Vaikom lit 24 hours with lights and alive. It is the season to visit Sabarimala as well. So actually Vaikom town thinks that its hard to accomodate expansive social events. Be that as it may, not even a solitary individual returns without seeing the Lord atleast even once. There are numerous other littler celebrations as well. Some of them are remarkable and worth seeing. Vaikom Shiva Temple has mainstream 'Vaikathashtami' celebration amid the lunar fortnight of Malayalam month Vrishchikam

How To Reach Vaikom Mahadeva Temple

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Longitude: 76.5816679

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