Sasthamkotta Lake

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Sasathamcotta Lake or Sasathamkotta Lake, likewise sorted as a wetland, is the biggest fresh water lake in Kerala.  Sasthamcotta is an appealing Tourist Village arranged about 75kms from the capital city of Trivandrum. Sasthamkotta Lake is eminent as the Queen of Lakes.

The Lake is named after the old Lord Sastha Temple on its bank. This sanctuary committed to both Lord Ganesha and Lord Ayyappa is encompassed by mounts and woods, and the monkeys occupying the premises are viewed as sacred.

The fundamental reason for the lake is to supply drinking water and for fishing purpose. It gives water to more than a large portion of million of individuals in Kollam.  Water supply to the Kollam town is met by filtering the water from this lake. This undertaking was attempted and finished by Indo-Norwegian consortium.

A hatchling called "Cavaborus" possesses large amounts of the lake. They consume up the infections and microscopic organisms in the water accordingly helping considerably to the high level of virtue of the water.

It is rich in both widely varied vegetation additionally. Eastern shore of the lake has the insectivorous plant Drosera Sp. Vegetation is unimportant and established plants and gliding plants are insignificant and immaterial. The products developed on the banks of the lake, separated from paddy, are the ranch yields, for example, cashewnut, tapioca and plantain.resident troupes of Monkeys are located on the banks in substantial numbers, which are some piece of the Sasthamkotta sanctuary environment on the bank of the Lake. 13 types of bugs have additionally been distinguished; 9 are butterflies, 2 odonates and 2 hymenopterans.

Sasthamcotta is not just a Tourist objective, likewise an impeccable Shooting Location. Numerous motion pictures and TV serials shoted at Sasthamcotta, in the same way as Inapravukal (1965), Ente Hridayathinte Udama (2002), Ilamurathampuran (1998), Nakshathrakkannulla Rajakumaran (2002), Kuttisrank (2009) and so on are some of those.

The Kerala State Government arranged a Conservation and Management Action Plan (MAP) in 1999 for the Lake's supportable use and protection and to address the dangers confronted by the lake. Budgetary backing was looked for from the Central Government under the National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) for usage of MAP focused around the particular issues recognized in the wetland.

Sasthamcotta Lake is a standout amongst the most conspicuous spots for bali tharpan in the State. Many individuals, including ladies and youngsters, offered "bali" at uncommonly orchestrated "balippura" on the banks of the Sasthamcotta Lake.



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Longitude: 76.6141396

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