Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

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Periyar is one of the well-known wildlife sanctuaries in south India and is a protected area in the districts of Idukki and Pathanamthitta in Kerala.. Periyar is really famous for its wild elephants, 100-year-old artificial lake and its setting in the beautiful thickly forested Western ghats. And it’s also famous as an elephant reserve and a tiger reserve.There are, now, an estimated 40 tigers in the Periyar national Park. Four species of primates are found at Periyar - the rare lion-tailed macaque, the NilgiriLangur, Gee's Golden Langur, Common Langurand Bonnet Macaque.There areplenty of other animals likeGaur, Wild Pigs, Sambar, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Dole or Indian Wild Dog,Nilgiritahr, bison, antelope and about 700 elephants to make the trip worthwhile.
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is also called as thePeriyar National Park.There are 49 species of mammals, 246 species of birds, 28 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibians, 22 species of fishes and 112 species of butterflies over the core area is 350 sq.kms.There are many hundreds of flowering plant taxa, including about 171 species of grass and 140 species of orchids.The few level areas in the park contain marshy grasslands near the edges of the lake and other water bodies.The sanctuary surrounds Periyar Lake, a reservoir measuring 26 km2 (10 sq mi). A permanent source of water over there is the Periyar River meander around the contours of the wooded hills.This place is best suitedfor wildlife photography, bird watching, elephant herds and tiger watching.



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Longitude: 76.7870414

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