Panachikkadu Temple

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The Panachikkadu Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Saraswati and is also known as Dakshana Mookambika Temple. The temple is located in Panachikkad in Kottayam. Vishnu is the main deity, who the devotees worship before Saraswati. Ganapati, Shiva, Sasthavu and Yakshi are sub-deities who are also worshiped in this temple. The main idol is here is covered with creepers and shrubs and is not clearly visible. The leaves of the creepers are considered Saraswati leaves. The spring water flows continuously until it touches the feet of the Devi. This water never dries, not even in the peak time of summer. Above the saraswathy temple on the western side there is a natural habitat made of exotic plants and their fragrant flowers. Here lives the ‘yakshi’. The idol of ‘brahmarakshasu’ is also here. Eventhough there are yakshi shrines in other temples, as well, the power of the yakshi at panachikadu seem to be super. In addition there are idol of Siva, Sastha, Ganapathi, Nagayakshi, Nagaraja and the like sub deities too here.
From various parts of India devotees come here for ‘Darshan’ Irrespective of religions people come here for ‘Vidyarambham’. Except on the days of ‘Durgashtami’ and ‘Mahanavami’ all other days ‘Vidyarambham’ is performed here. The ghee enriched with; Saraswatha Manthram’ is distributed to devotees from here.



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Longitude: 76.5221531

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