Koyikkal Palace

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Koyikkal Palace is in Nedumangad, around 18 km from Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum, the capital city of  Kerala. The Koyikkal Palace was really constructed for Umayamma Rani of the Venad Royal Family who ruled the area between 1677 and 1684.  The Folklore display center at Koyikkal Palace is exceptional in Kerala. It shows the rich social legacy of Kerala. The Numismatic historical center of Koyikkal Palace shows a showy gathering of extraordinary antiquated coins.

The castle is a twofold storied traditional nalukettu with inclining gabled tops and an internal patio. The Numismatics Museum, found at the ground floor of Koyikkal Palace. The exhibition hall houses an involved display of antiquated and extraordinary coins of Kerala and in addition of different states and nations, for example, Dutch, Portuguese, British and Arabs, to name a couple. They are the proof of the global exchange connection of Kerala in long past times.

The displays incorporate uncommon articles like Chandravalayam (not found in any possible such display center in Kerala), a little percussion instrument utilized as a backup while discussing the melody Ramakathappattu (the story of Lord Sree Rama); and Nanthuni , a sweet sounding musical instrument made of wood and string utilized while singing the Onappattu and Nanthunippattu throughout Onam the harvest celebration of Kerala.

Thaliyola (old original copies), Chilambu (a kind of anklet) utilized by Umayamma Rani and Maravuri (dress material made of the bark of trees) and so on are overall saved here. Oorakkudukku a gadget for erudite activity utilized by the Yogis as a side interest, Gajalekshmi - a light speaking to the Goddess of flourishing - Lakshmi, situated on her elephant (this light is typically lighted at nightfall and throughout the harvest season to welcome the goddess) are other fascinating shows. The Kettuvillakku - a stately light (aesthetically made out of hued paper and mainly accessible light wood parts/rails), lit throughout celebrations at the Bhagavathy sanctuaries of Southern Kerala.

A Venetian coin named Amaida, accepted to have been displayed to Jesus Christ, is likewise a property of this exhibition hall. The most significant around the Indian coins found here are Karsha. These are almost 2500 years of age. Rasi, the world's littlest coins are likewise on presentation here. Sreekrishna Rasi, one of the rasis (provincial coins) issued by the neighborhood lords of Kerala around the tenth century, Anantharayan Panam - the first up to date gold coin of Travancore available for use in the fifteenth and seventeenth hundreds of years, Kochi Puthen - one of the coins of the Kochi Kingdom which additionally had varieties like Indo-Dutch Puthen (1782 AD). Lekshmi Varaham - the silver coins printed in Travancore, Rasi Palaka (the coin load up) - a wooden prepare to leave with little specialties used to check little coins (checking up to 100 to 200 at once), coin mints and so on are safeguarded here. About 374 Roman gold coins, every value up to five hundred thousand rupees today, portraying Roman Gods and Goddesses like Venus, Hercules, Mars, Ceres, Genius, and so forth and rulers like Hardin (AD 117 - 138) are additionally around the accumulation.



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