Illikal Kallu

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Illikal Kallu is a noteworthy vacation destination spot in Kottayam area of Kerala . Arranged around 4000 feet above ocean level, it is likewise one of the most elevated top in the Western ghats. Illikal Kallu is a stone arranged above Illikal Mala. The thing that makes this stone one of a kind is that half of the stone has tumbled off, and just the other half remains.

llickal Kallu includes three slopes, each ascending to 4000 ft. or more ocean level. Each of the slopes has an exceptional shape. One of them takes after a mushroom, which is the reason it is known as Kuda Kallu. It is said that the therapeutic herb Neela Koduveli becomes here. This blue blossom is additionally accepted to have heavenly powers, which could expand riches and guarantee a rich gather. The second slope, has a little hunch on the sides and is in this way alluded to as Koonu Kallu (hunch back shake). Over this stone is a 1/2 ft. wide scaffold called Narakapalam . From the peaks, the Arabian Sea can be found in the far off skyline as a thin blue line. The dusk on the night of a full moon day can be astounding: the moon can be seen ascending like another sun, as the orange sun goes down. Atmosphere in Illikkal Kallu is pleasent. Ordinary temperature is in day time, yet on night fog will fill the climate and you can appreciate the icy.

Another feature of Illikal Kallu is that guests can have stunning perspectives of dawn and nightfall at specific spots. Dawn and dusk at Illikal Kallu is extraordinary. There was snow and the sky was in a red yellow tone. It had a craving for viewing a scene from an enlivened decently tale.Kallu is the ideal supernatural place for trekking, climbing, encountering peacefulness and self acknowledgment.

How To Reach Illikal Kallu

Latitude: 9.5885839

Longitude: 76.5816679

Total Area:

The current time and date:date 11:57 AM on Monday, March 10, 2014

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