Arakkal Kettu

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Arakkal Kettu was the home of the previous Arakkal Ali Rajas, the main Muslim imperial group of Kerala. Secured by the Archeological and Tourism Department, this castle complex is today a gallery. The Arakkal Kettu Museum houses a marvelous show of various ancient rarities and legacies having a place with the Rajas.. A wide range of illustrious treasures and relics are in plain view here. The most well known ones are the seal of the family, the pathayam and a record box.Heavenly Koran's regal duplicate is additionally kept here. At that point there is a phone from the recent period. The pathayam is fundamentally a case produced using wood in which grains used to be put away in before times. The rulers utilized swords and also blades in that period. These are likewise in plain view in the gallery. There is a telescope likewise that demonstrates that rulers were keen on find out about the brilliant bodies.

There are additionally sure shows that are confirmations of a connection between Arakkal rulers with the pilgrim forces of Europe. The royal residence complex of Arakkal kettu contains numerous free units around a substantial open patio. It incorporates mosques and a building which was once utilized as a regulatory office. Arakkal kettu is worked of laterite pieces and wood; the unpredictable woodwork on the greater part of the houses in the royal residence complex is striking. The royal residence, which has long verandahs in the front, has a particular look that discusses a mix of neighborhood design with a pilgrim style.

Closest railroad station: Kannur, around 3 km away

Closest air terminal: Calicut International Airport, around 117 km away

How To Reach Arakkal Kettu

Latitude: 11.8782387

Longitude: 75.3569412

Total Area:

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