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Kalaripayattu  is an Indian martial art. One of the oldest fighting system in existence, it is presently drilled in Kerala, in adjoining parts of Tamil Nadu and around the Malayali group of Malaysia. Kalaripayattu includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods.
The workmanship was spread through schools known as kalari, which served as centres of taking in before the advanced instructive framework was presented. Kalaripayattu got to be more created throughout the ninth century and was polished by warrior families of Kerala to guard the state and the ruler. In the eleventh and twelfth century, Kerala was isolated into little realms that battled wars around themselves. As a major aspect of these there one-on-one duels or ankam were battled by Chekavar on an ankathattu, a brief stage, four to six feet high.

Northern kalaripayattu

Northern kalaripayattu (vadakkankalari) is practiced principally in North Malabar. The northern style was polished in Kerala fundamentally by the Nairs and Yatra Brahmins, and in addition the little Chekavarsubcaste of the Ezhavas, a few Muslims and Christians.

Southern kalaripayattu

It is sharpened, all things considered, by the Nadar, Kallar and Thevar The original style of southern kalarippayattu was known as "Dronambilli" is now extinct. Masters are known as asaan.[2] It is practised largely by the Nadar, Kallar and Thevar castes and has features distinguishing it from its other regional counterparts.

Central kalaripayattu

The Central Kalari of kalaripayat is cleaned prevalently in Northern parts of Kerala, which are performed inside floor courses known as kalam. The central Kalari has various different styles which put considerable stress on simpler figure quality and speed through escalated practice of distinctive chuvadu, simply after which parts drive into weaponry and moved studies.

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