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The Silambam is a martial art original Indian,particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and in other countries of South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore ). In the word Silambam, Silam means "hill", and bam means "bamboo". Silambam was the first Martial art in Asia. Silambam is the art, which was created by Siddhars for the common people to protect them salves when there is a life-threatening situation.  It is closely related to Keralankalaripayat and Sri Lankan angampora. The word silambam refers to the staff which is the main weapon used in this system.
Silambam's main focus is on the bamboo staff. The length of the staff depends on the height of the practitioner. This martial art is practiced mainly with a stick or two. Among the techniques taught, there are strikes, twists, turns, jumps and squats, steps, feints . The handling is done by simple wrist movements, allowing to chain attacks very quickly on vital or sensitive points. All say China is the country, which gave the scientific, and systematic martial arts to world.

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