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Thiruvathirakali also known as Kaikottikkali,is a Hindu festival celebrated in Kerala. It is a very popular group dance of Kerala. Thiruvathirakali is performed by the women of Hindu community, often during festive seasons like Onam and the Thiruvathira day in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December- January).The dance is performed around a nilavilakku (a ceremonial lamp) or a floral decoration especially during Onam. The dancers move in a circular pattern, accompanied by rhythmic clapping of the hands, to the tune of the Thiruvathirapattu.
There are a number of dance forms having an expression of emotion or depicting the scenes of hindu mythology.Thiruvathirakali is one among them. On the occasion of Thiruvathira festival of Kerala, women stay awake all night in order to check arrival of Lord Shiva. At that time they spend time by performing thiruvathirakali. Tourists can take a tour to Kerala between December to January to be a part of Thiruvathirakali Dance.

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