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Ottamthullal is an art form in Kerala. It was created by Kunchan Nambiar, as an alternative to the Chakyar koothu. Ottanthullal, is a dance-drama performing art. Kunchan Nambiar used it as a medium to protest against the prevalent socio-political structure and prejudices of society in his time.It is also known as Poor Man’s Kathakali.
Ottam thullal is combination of humour, sarcasm and social criticism.Ottamthullal became popular because of its simplicity and it is easily understandable comparing to Kathakali for ordinary people.
In Ottamthullal, a solo performer, with green makeup and a colourful costume decorated with a long red and white band and painted wooden ornaments, acts and dances while reciting dance Thullal. Simple costumes similar to Kathakali and percussion instruments like Mizhav and cymbal are used. The stories from hind u epics are retold in simple malayalam poetry.

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