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Mohiniyattam  additionally spelled Mohiniattam is a classical dance structure from Kerala. It is one of the dance recognised by the SangeetNatakAkademi. It is a solo dance  presentations by ladies.
Mohiniyattam was popularised as a well known dance form  in the nineteenth century by SwathiThirunal, the Maharaja of the state of Travancore (Southern Kerala), and Vadivelu, one of the Thanjavur Quartet. The prominent Malayalam writer Vallathol, who made the Kerala Kalamandalam move school in 1930, assumed an imperative part in advancing Mohiniattam in the twentieth century.
The term Mohiniyattam originates from the words "Mohini" significance a lady who captivates spectators and "aattam" importance elegant and sensuous body movements. The statement "Mohiniyattam" truly signifies "move of the conjurer".The move includes the influencing of expansive hips and the delicate developments of erect carriage from side to side. The three pillars  — Sri SwathiThirunal Rama Varma, Sri VallatholNarayanaMenon and Smt. KalamandalamKalyanikuttyAmma  helped the forming out of the contemporary Mohiniyattam durning twentieth century.
The costume includes white sari embroidered with bright golden brocade (known as kasavu) at the edges. The dance follows the classical text of Hastha Lakshanadeepika, which has elaborate description of mudras .Mohiniyattam is a wonderful move type of the ladies of Kerala and it is one of the traditional moves of India too.

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