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ChakyarKoothu is a traditional dance form of Kerala that is performed in the temples. ChakyarKoothu was originally performed only in Koothambalams of Hindu temples. The performer narrates stories  from Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. The narration uses wit and humor to draw parallels with current events and local situations.Chaakyaarkoothu, is a combination of dance and humor.The Chakyar narrates the story based on the Sanskrit style of “ChampuPrabandha” – a mixture of prose (gadya) and poetry (shloka).Koothu has traditionally been performed only by the Chakyar community. Two instruments accompany the performance  a mizhavu and a pair of ilathalam.
This is different from the NangiarKoothu, which is performed by women called Nangyarammas who belong to the Nambiar caste, and is a more highly refined theater art. Other types of koothu include Mantraangamkoothu, Anguliiyaangamkoothu, Parakkumkoothu, Mattavilaasamkoothu etc.The Chaakyaar is dressed in attire resembling a joker, with a usual mark on the forehead, known as pottu. The face is also adorned with soot and turmeric. One ear holds a huge earring called Kundalam, whereas the other ear bears betel leaves and geranium flowers as earring. A red cloth tied to the head, girdles and bangles also form a part of the costume.The art form is still performed in temples like Vadakkumnathan temple at Thrissur, Sri Krishna temple at Ambalappuzha, KoodalManikyam temple at Irinjalakkuda and Kumaranalloor temple atKottayam.

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