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There are various types of art forms used to be performed to please goddess Bhadrakaali at Bhadrakaali temples.Mudiyettu is performed by the Kuruppu or Marar.Mudiyettu is one among them. It is a mixture of entertainment and devotion. Mudiyettu is the story of the war of Bhadrakaali with the two notorious AsurasDaarikan and Daanavendran, eventually killing them. It’s presented without much of `mudras', facemasks and facial expressions. But the facial make-ups and `chutti' (artwork done on face with rice paste) which makes the characters simple and more acceptable to the viewers.
Ancient times these characters used to perform with speech and dance only, but later rhythmic steps were added to it. It makes the characters better and makes the performance more interesting .It can be inferred that the character `Kooli' in Mudiyettu is the first of its kind to amuse the viewers by comic speech and action. Mudiyettu is performed between February and May after the harvesting season. In 2010 Mudiyettu was inscribed in the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and becoming the second art form from Kerala after Koodiyattam.

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