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Kalamezhuthu is a different kind of drawing on the floor. Kalamezhuthu is associated with sacred groves.In India, it’s a part of ritualistic life in Hindu households. Kalamezheuthu is a temple-centered ritual, tribal in origin, Dravidian in spirit, tampered with or enhanced by changing times and influences. Naga kalam, Bhagavathykalam, and kalams dedicated to gods like Vetekaran, Ayyappanetc, trace their origins to groves. Ritual songs accompanied by a number of instruments (namely ilathalam, veekkanchenda, kuzhal, kombu and chenda) are sung in worship of the deity, on completion of the 'Kalam'. These songs form part of an oral tradition; the rituals being performed by the artists themselves.  
Kalams are combinations of two-dimensional and three dimensional designs drawn on the floor using fine powder.Primary colors, black, white, green, yellow and red are used and drawing is done with hands. Kalamezhuthu is practiced using natural pigments and powders, usually in five colours. The drawing is done with bare hands without the use of tools. The pictures are developed from the centre, growing outwards. Kalamezhuthu artists are generally members of communities like the Kurups, TheyyampadiNambiars, TheeyadiNambiars and TheeyadiUnnis.

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